Who is going to Drive GB’s afternoon audience?

So, who gets the Drive shift on 2GB?

Speculation is good for the soul as it allows your imagination to run wild, especially when you are trying to outguess and outdo a PD/CD.

So, here are some candidates for the job

  • Chris Smith, a proven performer on 2GB who fell out of, and then into, favour with station management.
  • Deborah Knight who has settled well into afternoons, and of course if she moved to drive, it would open the way for the aforementioned, Chris Smith, to move back into afternoons.
  • How about Derryn Hinch? This came through as an anonymous tip this week and has merit if you, for one second, believe that a Sydney audience would take to Hinch, or that Hinch would move to Sydney, as he once did many years ago.
  • Alan Jones, because he’s not doing anything at the end of the month except for a few TV and newspaper commitments, and he wouldn’t have to get out of bed at 2.00am anymore.
  • Steve Price is looking for a gig, and while this might not be the morning slot he thought he was going to get, it is a permanent job, well as permanent as a radio job can be.
  • Mark Levy because he already has the spot, even if for a short while, and we all know that if you get the chance, you grab it with both hands.
  • Karl Stefanovic is from the Nine stable of stars, and got to dabble at 2GB in the middle of last year, filling in for Steve Price. Given that he is already on contract for Nine, and the cross promotion would be beneficial, this could work.

Put yourself in the PD/CD chair and let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.


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