Chilli FM freezes out the rest: Xtra Insights

There have been a lot of changes to the listening habit of Launceston since May 2017 according to the latest survey from Xtra Insights, with Chilli FM now the dominant station.

With a gain of 7.9 Chilli FM is now the station listened to most with 31.8, well ahead of the ABC Northern Tasmania who were down 4.1 to 17.1, and LAFM who lost 5.7, now down to 16.8.

triple j also gained some audience, up by 2.5 to 14.7.

Tasmanian Executive General Manager, Tim Holder says “LAFM and Chilli together dominate the market with exceptional growth. Chilli has performed superbly with extraordinary growth across all cohorts and day parts.”

“Tasmania Talks with Mike O’Loughlin continues to lead with morning talk”. 

Dan & Marie (Chilli) overshadow the rest in breakfast, gaining 8.9 for 32.9, well ahead of Belinda King who hosts the ABC breakfast program (down 4.3 to 19.4) and Jules & Glenn for Breakfast (LAFM) which is down 6.3 to 14.6.

Unsurprisingly Chilli also has the lead in cumes, gaining 8,400 for a total of 48,300 overall, while LAFM’s cumes of 34,900 put them in front of the ABC’s 30,000.


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