Chrissie, Sam and Browny’s final 2017 show

The Nova 100 trio will broadcast live from Melbourne’s Federation Square tomorrow from 6am.

For their second year on air the morning trio will be joined by friends of the show Tony Martin, Bernie Vince, Tom Gleisner, Titus O’Reily and Dave O’Neil. 
Fans of the show have had a chance to win a VIP spot at the broadcast.
Sam Pang famously does not find jokes funny, hence his counterparts, Chrissie and Browny, this year challenged Melbourne to deliver a joke to make Sam laugh.

To increase the incentive to find the joke that cracks Sam’s tough exterior, a giveaway car was offered on the segment “Jokes Aren’t Funny”.

Months of awful knock knock, walk into a bar and dad jokes ensued … until yesterday when listener Harry finally forced a laugh out of Sam.

On Friday morning the team will hand over the keys to the 18-year-old who had previously tried out several jokes on the comedian without success until a thermometer joke finally got the laughs – listen here.
Chrissie, Sam & Browny will return on Monday 22 January from 6am.

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