Christian O’Connell off air as mother-in-law takes ill

Christian O’Connell did not present his Gold 104.3 breakfast show this morning later revealing his mother-in-law has suddenly taken very ill, with his wife and children rushing back to England to be at her beside. 

O’Connell recorded and posted a statement to the Gold website

‘Hello and welcome to show number 32. There wasn’t a show today … I just want to leave a little message, I’m actually in the front of my car at the beach here in Melbourne. I just want to say why there wasn’t a show today … firstly because I’m struggling to make sense of what’s just happened in the last 12 hours.’

O’Connell’s mother-in-law, back in the UK, collapsed suddenly with chest pains while O’Connell’s wife Sarah was speaking with her. ‘That’s when everything just spun out of control. The next couple of hours were really bad, it looked like she was losing her mum.’

A very emotional O’Connell thanked listeners for all their support, and said ‘A miracle has happened and she’s had life saving surgery, thanks to the angels who work for the NHS. It’s hour by hour and day by day at the moment. My wife doesn’t even know this news yet, I think she lands in about ten hours time.’

Listeners clued in that this morning’s show was a repeat, taking to social media for more information:

An ARN Spokesperson reached out to radioinfo: “All at ARN send our very best wishes to Christian and his family, they have our full support”.

Devoted fans back in the UK tweeted messages of support:

O’Connell is expected to return to the air tomorrow morning. 


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