Christian O’Connell finds the fire in seekers, makers and leaders with new mentoring service

GOLD 104.3‘s Christian O’Connell has launched a mentoring service, Finding Fire, with personal sessions aimed at helping individuals transform their lives by shifting from ‘stuckness’ to a rekindling of creativity and curiosity as well as assisting with problem-solving abilities.

O’Connell said of his motivation to create Finding Fire:

“I’ve developed my own unique approach to supercharging everyday creativity and it allows us to rekindle the inner flame of our natural curiosity and wisdom, to amplify problem solving, to get unstuck and light fuses to help launch our gifts into the world.

Following the response I had from readers in my last book after being vulnerable about my own struggles and from the speaking engagements I’ve gone on to do, it’s led me to create Finding Fire – where I’m building a community for fellow seekers, makers, and leaders with mentoring, courses, workshops, and podcasts. Maybe even retreats. I’m lighting a small fire and this is your invite to come sit around it with me as we work to shift what may feel stuck in your life and turn it into a free-flowing stream of possibilities and potential.

My mission has always been to wake people up every morning; now, it’s also about igniting your inner fire to help you show up in your full power and creativity all day, every day.”

The first offering is called ‘The Heart of Speaking’, a live four-part online program designed to help participants find their authentic voice. With more than 25 years of daily radio show hosting, without a script, O’Connell will share practical insights and techniques including:

  • The ‘Inside-Out’ approach to shift from impressing others to sharing what’s within.
  • Speaking with power and presence in any situation.
  • How to choose connection over perfection.
  • Understanding and overcoming the voice in your head.
  • Grounding and relaxation tools to overcome anxiety.
  • The importance of speaking from the heart, head, and gut.
  • Finding power by finding the gold buried in your life story.

Christian has recently created a behind the radio scenes podcast and has been openly discussing his own busy mind, anxiety, panic attacks and therapy saying on Andy Coulson’s Crisis, What Crisis? podcast:

I’m very concerned. Here in Australia there is a massive men’s mental health crisis – and it’s actually getting worse. The danger zone is men, early forties to mid-fifties, and it’s really bad here. We’re talking seven to eight men in that age group per week in Australia, taking their own lives. So it is not getting any better. I think men find it very, very hard to ask for help. There is a real mental health crisis. You see the way that men are treating women, and treating kids at times, underlying all of that. Part of that is there is a real problem with men in that how we are raised and how we’re not allowed to feel our emotions safely, and that can only manifest itself in bad ways. Whether that’s alcoholism, whether that’s self-harm…


These sessions are for those who also wish to show up with courage, vulnerability, and authenticity, as well as supporting fellow course-mates to do the same.

There are two initial The Heart of Speaking mentoring groups; one starting on July 18 and the second on July 25. Both will have two hour sessions held every fortnight across eight weeks with the cost is $400.

All additional dates and times, registration and further information can be found here:


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