Community radio reaches new heights in Canberra

Three community radio stations, ArtSound FM, 1CMS and 1WAY FM have relocated their FM transmitter site to Black Mountain near Canberra, thanks to a recent agreement struck with Broadcast Australia that will allow shared use of the antenna on Telstra Tower.

The stations were originally located at Black Mountain but were forced to abandon the site in 2015 for a site in the Kowen Forest, due to the deterioration of the smaller antenna that was in use at that time. 

Now, thanks to hundreds of hours of largely volunteer work plus funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, the new site now delivers a stronger and higher quality signal to listeners throughout the Canberra region and beyond.

ArtSound President, Amalijah Thompson says, “We are particularly appreciative of Broadcast Australia’s collaborative approach and demonstrated support for community radio in facilitating the new transmission arrangements. The improvements do not come cheaply however, with the spiralling cost of energy and the need to maintain a reliable 24/7 service.

“The current economic environment and challenges faced generally by non-profit media in garnering sufficient sponsorship and donors, means that direct listener support for our independent community service is vital and always very welcome”.

The project coincides with the advent of digital radio services in Canberra, expected to launch later in the year.




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