Conducting an interview is a bit like surfing says Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett is a Media, Radio and Journalism Teacher at TAFE NSW, with over 35 years’ experience. 

He spoke about those experiences at the recent virtual CBAA Conference and then took questions from the virtual floor.
Can you provide some tips on how to conduct a good interview?
You do need at least five killer questions. Five key questions. I love to consider interviews to be a conversation. It’s a bit like surfing. I’m not a great surfer, but that’s my analogy.
You get on a wave and it could go left or go right, but you’ve gotta go with it. I think interviews should be like that too. Have some key must-include questions with you but the really important thing is to be a great listener. You’ve got two ears and just one mouth – which says to me that more’s gotta go in than come out.
Do you need permission from the interviewee to use the interview content over multiple platforms? 
Yes you would, You’d need to ask that question up front if you have a release form to sign then you would make it clear in that release form that it’s to be used across all platforms or media – that’s pretty common these days. Just ask question it can be a verbal acceptance from somebody. If you record it then you covered. 
Whose Copyright is the interview when publishing to different outlets?
Well if my company Beatnik Media funds an interview with Ewan McGregor and I got him to sign away the rights to it and he’s released the video to be used wherever we’ve discussed, then my production company would own the rights to that content because he signed a ‘claim away,’ that’s pretty usual. 
If you’re sitting in a radio station, if you’re 2WEB in Burke, and you’re an employee, unless you got some other kind of interesting entrepreneurial deal in place, then whatever content you create within the four walls of WEB would remain the property of it.

Nick Bennett is a Media, Radio and Journalism Teacher at TAFE NSW, with over 35 years’ experience as a multi-disciplined journalist and broadcaster. Nick has connected with audiences for community radio Hope 1032, as well as Triple M, 2DAY FM, ABC, The Voice of Peace, Qantas, the ARIAs, The Country Music Awards and Rolling Stone.

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