Conman at it again? Suspicious job ad warning

Those who have followed the story of Dene Broadbelt, will know that the conman, a former radio presenter, is known to set up bogus music festivals and events, which ultimately go bust when the bills are not paid.

We think Dene Broadbelt, also known as Dene Mussillon and various other names, may be at it again.

A new company, called Paramount Agency and Touring, has been set up in his home region of the south coast of NSW and is advertising for staff. Broadbelt has used this same method in his past scams, and it may be that he is at it again.

The company’s website is under construction and there is one young staff member answering the phones.

When radioinfo called the company number, the young girl, who had only been working there “for a few days” could not answer our questions about details, and would not be drawn on the identity of “Harry,” who is named on the add, when we gave a description of Broadbelt.

For a company that has been “running for a few years,” according to the new receptionist, there is no record of past achievements of events promoted by the company.

The suspicious job ad has been placed on other radio websites and free blogs. It is full of typos and asks for a photo. radioinfo has not run the ad, as we do not trawl for ads from other sites or take free advertising. We are a professional industry site, we only accept properly qualified paid job ads from bona fide media companies.

Our admin manager Wendy checked the supposed ad (which we are not reproducing here so we do not promote the ad), and gave the following response:

“We did not run it. I would never have run it with the reference to a need for a recent photo! There is also no website for it, and they don’t exist in the White Pages directory – all things that I check before running an ad for someone we’ve not come across before.”

Please beware if you see this ad anywhere and do some due dilligence if you are thinking about applying.

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