Constance Hall brings uncensored version of Hit Network show to PodcastOne

‘The Queen Sesh Overshare’.

Perth-based author and blogger Constance Hall brings an uncensored version of her Hit Network show, The Queen Sesh Overshare, to PodcastOne. 

The 12-part series sees Constance (who just added a 7th child to her clan) joined by her bestie and fellow self-confessed ‘oversharer’ Annaliese Dent. 

The co-hosts tackle a range of subjects and taboos surrounding relationships, parenting and the sisterhood.

“Family life has evolved into a completely unrecognisable lifestyle in the last 30 years. Anns and I get real and get honest about the new challenges women face, because they sure as sh*t aren’t about how to bake the perfect muffin quietly so as not to disturb your hard working husband,” Constance said.

“We are so thrilled to be able to overshare with our listeners and connect with them in a way we haven’t before,” Annaliese added. 

In Episode 4, Constance talks honestly to Annaliese and her Queens about sex After kids: “I just sometimes feel like you are just so over-touched, when you’ve had a baby in your arms all day, you finally get them to sleep and your backing out on your tip toes so you can finally have a minute to yourself and your boyfriend is standing there like “we should do it” and you’re like “what? It’s the last thing we should do!”’

Episodes available on, via the PodcastOne app, or search The Queen Sesh Overshare in the app store.

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