Of course I made some calls, you should too: Alan Jones on Q and A

Asked a direct question from a Q and A audience member about his role in directly lobbying Liberal members of Parliament, 2GB’s Alan Jones confirmed that he did make calls, and encouraged the questioner to do the same.

Tess’ question was:

When I voted in the last federal election, nowhere on the ballot paper did it say Alan Jones, yet since this latest spill you’ve admitted to contacting Liberal MPs and urging them to change leader, making it clear you are not only a broadcaster but a political player.

“How do you justify using your position and privilege to manipulate and paralyse our parliament?”

After a long period of applause, Alan Jones replied:
“Let’s remember one thing, these people are meant to be representing us. I’m sure you have a view as to who should be running the country, leading the Liberal party. This is not something you should be indifferent to, this is your future, your country
“I feel passionately about Australia and yes I had a view on who I though should be leading the Liberal Party and I made that view known…
“If we stand removed from all of this,  I don’t think that’s good for the political system… we should all get involved with this.”

The role of Jones, Ray Hadley, some News Limited papers and the ‘after dark’ Sky News commentators has been scrutinised in the wash up of the leadership spill two weeks ago.

It was a matter of keeping up with the Joneses on the Q and A show tonight.

Questioner Tess’ last name was Jones, her question was to Alan Jones, moderated by Tony Jones.

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