CRA defends radio survey

‘Robust, consistent and reliable.’

After recording a 2.9% audience share in survey 7, Em Rusciano took to Facebook and Instagram and described her 2Day FM Sydney slot as the ‘No.1 engaged breakfast radio show.’

As reported by radioinfo, Kyle Sandilands, whose rival Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS recorded an 11.1% share, labelled the 2Day FM results ‘disgusting’ and ‘terrible’.

As told to News Corp and Fairfax outlets, CRA’s Joan Warner defended the radio ratings. 

“The ratings methodology is rigorous and involves an annual representative sample of more than 70,000 listeners across the five capital city markets, and the results from survey to survey have proven to be robust, consistent and reliable,” she said. 

“The methodology employed in Australia is considered world’s best for measurement of radio listening.

“The surveys are undertaken using a combination of paper diaries and e-diaries, which can be completed online and on mobile devices. This is still the most accurate way to measure radio audiences because listening takes place across so many places and devices – at home, in the car and at work.”

Warner did however flag that a ‘hybrid future’ awaited the current ratings system, in which people would continue to fill out paper diaries, but other factors would be taken into account such as wearables, apps and streaming data. 

The research firm tasked with measuring radio ratings, GfK, also defended its work. General Manager Morten Boyer said the group has decades of experience measuring radio audiences across Europe.

‘This is one of the biggest probability-based research samples in Australia, apart from the census,’ he said. 


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