#CRAConf: “Keep it real!” – Radio talent talks social media

Being a radio broadcaster in the 21st centruy is not just turning up for your show, but it’s about working 24/7 on social media.  In this session, moderator Sam Mac discusses the 24/7 radio shift with some of Australia’s top radio talent.  The panel includes Nova 96.9’s Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, Fox FM’s Fifi Box, 2GB’s Ben Fordham, and Charli Robinson from Sea FM Gold Coast.
The role of social media is becoming more and more important in getting content to your audience, and engaging with them all day everyday.  It’s also a great way to get additional content to your audience.

“With our show we make a lot of content, and social media is very important to help us get it out.  We do alot of parodies, and it’s important that people can see what we do”, says Fitzgerald.
“The landscape has changed dramatically.  It’s not just about putting content out there, but it’s also where I consume alot of content, ” continues Box.  

One of the key strengths to radio broadcasters is about being authetic.  Being real.  Great broadcasters have the ability to engage with their audience by showing how real they are, but this can also cause a problem as Fifi discusses.  “The problem with the shift to social media is that something that goes on the show page that doesn’t sit well with me, that’s a problem.  My intergrity is questioned when content is put on our page.  It’s important to maintain your integrity on social media.”

Social Media is not just about engaging with your audience, but it’s also a great resource to find people to come onto your show.

“Last Friday when the news broke about the Parramatta shooting, when I was describing it on-air I was also searching for key terms on Twitter to track people down who may have been in the areas.  You’re able to find people in a quick way, ” says Fordham.
But of course there also comes negativity.  How does talent handle negative feedback and internet trolls?

“I like to have a niggle back.  Just look at their bios and pick on something”, says Fitzgerald.  

“I sometimes worry they are tough on their keyboards, but not in reality”, adds Robinson.

Ben Fordham takes a different approach.  “I just write back and say ‘thanks mate.  Without you I couldn’t do this.”
Spending so much time using social media, the panellists have had some great experiences and some real success stories.  It can help continue a conversation after your show, and also tell the media what people want more of.
“It provides a reality check for mainstream media.  It takes away the moolopoly the media owners have on discussions.  You can’t avoid it now.  It gives power to the people instead of the media bosses,” says Fordham.
Final tips from the panel:

Fitzy:  Radio is all about being relatable, and social media is a great tool for that
Fifi:  Keep it real.  Don’t be swayed by content people.  Stay true to your fans and followers
Ben: Don’t spend all time worrying about social media.  Worry about your show.
Charli:  Don’t forget to scroll other pages and look for content.

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