Crittenden decision expected from ABC tomorrow

The ABC inquiry into Stephen Crittenden has “yet to be completed” according to the ABC.

An ABC spokesperson told radioinfo:

“Mr Crittenden was, as part of the usual process, offered the opportunity to respond to the report. That written response was received late, on Thursday 28 August.

The ABC is now
considering the report and Mr Crittenden’s response, including a lengthy
submission from his lawyers.”

The ABC expects to make a decision tomorrow (Tuesday 2 September), and will then tell Stephen Crittenden directly.

“Given the confidentiality and privacy protocols observed by the ABC in such matters, it is inappropriate to discuss the situation further. The inquiry process is being expedited as quickly as possible.”

The ABC wants to make it clear that “this is not an issue about
Content, but one of adherence to the ABC’s code of conduct.”