Dave Charles to be inducted into Canada Radio Hall of Fame: Conversation with David Rogerson Part 2

Dave Charles will be inducted into the Canadian Broadcasters Hall of Fame on June 4, 2024.

In what Charles has described as one of the “proudest milestones” of his 62 year history in radio, the ceremony will take place as part of the RadioDays North America conference in Toronto, Canada and combines celebrations for Canadian Music Week.

In Part 1 of an exclusive interview with David Rogerson, Dave Charles discussed his Formative Radio Years. In Part 2 Dave reveals who he considers some of the great Australian talent he’s worked with and chats about the markets and stations who were a special part of his radio time in Australia.

Dave tell us about the association you formed with Austereo in Australia?

“It was when Austereo acquired the Triple M network I feel we had an amazing time for radio in Australia. From the merger of the two companies two networks  were born. The 2DAY network focussed on Top 40 personality. The Triple M network was Rock.  Both were unbeatable with amazing personalities like Jamie Dunn at B105, Wendy Harmer and Paul Holmes at 2Day in Sydney.  Martin & Molloy at FOX FM in Melbourne.

I later moved full time to Australia where Greg Smith and I formed a consulting company called ESP Pty Ltd (Entertainment, Strategy, Programming). We continued with Austereo and that’s where we first worked with you on the Auditorium music tests which you provided strategic advice to as well as conducting them as our music research programming partner.”

Radio had big research budgets back then Dave that also helped to drive and tweak the brand strategy.

“It sure did  Outstanding radio!  I loved R.G. Capital Radio under Rhys Holleran and Rod Brice.  We had lots of fun with the legendary Nick Scott too on the Sunshine Coast. 4BH was another big project we worked together on David”

It was, and a massive challenge too. 4BH changed ownership and the Brisbane radio market experienced a huge shake up.

“One of my challenges, when based in Brisbane, was to get 882 4BH back on track. Mike Norris owned the station at the time and later sold it to Paul Thompson.  We took 4BH from a 2.3 share to an 11.5 share on these key strategies:

 1.  Built a huge following around the Walter and Vanessa Breakfast show

2.  Modernised the music to be a more contemporary HOT AC. That really impacted 4KQ. 

3.  Had Alan McGirvan voice the new imaging. 

4.  Did a massive TV campaign to promote the New 882 4BH.

5.  Had a strong local news presence featuring 2 people reading news in breakfast, and,

6.  Made 4BH street savvy.

All of this took 4BH to number 1”

Your induction into the Canadian Hall of Fame must be something you’re immensely proud of, particularly the illustrious company you’ll now be keeping.

“This is a tremendous honour and one that I’ll always cherish.  As we move closer toward the Hall of Fame event, my mind drifts back also to things like those long meetings with Janet Cameron at WAVE FM in Wollongong. I’m sure Grant Broadcasters has continued to do well over the years.”

Before I leave you, I happen to know you have a keen interest in Japanese block print art, but what’s something else not many other people would know about you? 

“I’m a wild life warrior for Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo (Dave is pictured with some friends at the Zoo).  I love all animals both wild and domestic. I love riding my bike and bush walks. Anything in nature inspires my creative juices.  I love my wife Rita Cugini! She’s an amazing regulatory consultant for radio and TV in Canada.

Life’s good ”

With a background covering over 40 years in Media and Communications, David Rogerson is experienced in nearly every facet of the radio and media communications industries from Group Content Director, to National Marketing Manager and Company Director. He is currently a lecturer and mentor at the Australian Institute of Music in the Masters and Bachelor degrees.

In 1997 he founded media and communications consulting company “Strategic Media Solutions”. David’s professional consulting career has seen him sought-after for his insights and client solutions in more than 15 countries around the world.

As a published author of media related books and entertainment journal articles David has personally mentored a wide range of media company directors, industry managers and entertainment executives. In the music field David’s experience covers marketing and digital content development for a range of artists including INXS and is part of the judging panel for the Australian Songwriters Association and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.



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