Derryn’s transplant hopes dashed

Derryn Hinch was suppposed to be attending a book launch in Melbourne yesterday, but instead he was rushed to hospital with hopes that his much anticipated liver transplant was available. Unfortunately, the organ was not a match for Hinch, who must now continue to wait for the life saving cancer transplant treatment.


Hinch tweeted that he “got the transplant call,” and went straight to hospital. The 67 year old 3AW drive presenter chronicalled his journey on Twitter saying:

Got the transplant call. Got so close. Op. cancelled just before start because organ incompatible. Not upset. Near top of list.

Not cruel. You have to be there and ready for last minute decision.

What a 24 hours. Details of the transplant op. that wasn’t. So close. What’s next?


Later he told 3AW, “I must be near the top of the list.”  He is not expected to be on air tomorrow.

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