Did he say what I thought he said?

One of readers sent us this tip along with an audio clip of what you might call a blooper.

“I heard this go to air on 3AW’s drive show on Friday afternoon. I almost drove off the road.

“Have a listen to the talkback caller and tell me that Tom, the producers, the call screener and the panel operator have decided not to listen to their own program. I’ve top and tailed from station ID until Tom has finished with the caller,” our reader wrote.

“Back in my day at 3AW if that went to air, heads in the studio would roll,” he added.

We listened to it ourselves and totally missed it. Listen for yourself and see if you can detect what our reader was on about.

Did the caller say “bugger” or did he say “fuck”? Try as we might, we can’t work it out one way or another. Either way, you could say on-air standards have slipped – in the past 60 years in the case of the former. And the past 20, or so, in the case of the latter.

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