Eardrum releases trojan Christmas greeting

Audio specialist agency Eardrum has sent its clients an audio Christmas card with a hidden message for creatives.
The seasonal greeting, made up entirely from vocal sounds by beatboxer Tom Thum, invites curious creatives to uncover the secret contained within and those savvy enough to play the track backwards were informed that Eardrum is currently recruiting.
Eardrum’s Founder, Ralph van Dijk explained, “The message serves three purposes,  Christmas greeting, recruitment ad and first round interview.”

“What we liked about the idea, besides harking back to the hidden messages in records, is that it’s self-selecting. The people who took the trouble to download and reverse our Christmas card are exactly the kind of people who’d want a job at Eardrum.”
The recruitment ad has already generated interest from creative writers in Australia and further afield.
Those interested are encouraged to not be backward in coming forward.

Message Forwards

Message Backwards

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