Elliott Quits 2UE & Threatens Legal Action

A bitter Malcolm T Elliott has resigned from 2UE.

The radio veteran walked out on Friday and has told The Sunday Telegraph’s Peter Holmes: “I wouldn’t cross the road to work for them again, under any circumstances.”

Elliott has revealed to the paper that he plans to launch legal action against the station tomorrow, via his solicitor.

“I feel as if I’ve been treated like a kid. It’s past the point of negotiation, and I will instruct my solicitor on Monday.”

Elliott claims 2UE owes him thousands of dollars in entitlements: “I had a conversation in good faith when I resigned on Friday, and was told it would all be sorted out amicably.

“When I checked my bank account (on Saturday morning), the money wasn’t there at all.

“I’m more hurt than angry, but I believe I have been dudded, and will take action to do something about it.”

After resigning on Friday, Elliott apparently asked if he could serve out the remaining weeks on his contract, but says he was told by 2UE management he would not be allowed back on air.

“I feel relieved, but also a bit shocked that I didn’t get to serve out my notice, and say farewell to my listeners.”

Elliott, who is 58, underwent sudden quintuple bypass surgery earlier this year, but says he is not ready to hang up his headphones yet.

“I love my craft, and am committed to it.”