Emma Ayres becomes Eddie Ayres

Former ABC Classic FM breakfast host Emma Ayres has become Eddie Ayres.

Emma realised s/he was a transgender man many years ago, but has only recently undergone a full transition.

Before coming to Australia as a classical musician and eventually hosting Classic FM breakfast for six years, Ayres travelled the world, using music for threrapy and development in countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was then he realised that he was a man inside a woman’s body.

He touched on the subject of his sexuality in his book Cadence, which chronicled his travels and his sexual awakening. While at Classic FM Ayres also released an accompanying music CD.

A profile in the SMH today says Ayres now 49, is living in Afghanistan.

“… his hair still short but with a few more greys. A double mastectomy earlier this year removed his breasts. He had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, for health reasons. He will start testosterone injections soon. He has a few wispy hairs on his chin and wonders if he can start shaving yet.”

Read the full profile here. Below Emma’s facebook picture from her time as a Classic FM Presenter (source facebook).


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