Emotional radio reunion ahead of national day against bullying

Mix 102.3’s, Jodie & Soda had a powerful interview this morning when they re-connected Adelaide mother Kelly with Amanda – a fellow student who Kelly had badly bullied 27 years ago.
Tomorrow is the National Day of Action Against Bully and Violence.
Kelly recently found out her daughter was being bullied in school and it brought back memories of her being such an appalling bully in school. 
She has been trying to track down Amanda in the hope of apologising and has been unsuccessful, so left a message on Jodie & Soda’s page asking if they could help. 
Jodie & Soda tracked down Amanda, who has been living in the UK. Amanda was willing to speak with Kelly.

Last year Jodie & Soda launched ‘I Stand for Zero Bullying’ which has seen over a thousand people take the pledge to stand up against bullying. The pledge and journey can be seen here.

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