End of an era: 2BS and B rock sold to Caralis

Ron and Stephanie Camplin have sold their Bathurst duopoly, 2BS and B rock, to Bill Caralis.

After 70 rockin’ years in radio, Ron Camplin has completed the sale of his company soon after converting 2BS from AM to FM.

This morning, after the breakfast show, local listeners were surprised to hear John Laws instead of Ray Hadley (read the inside story of that coup in our other report).

Hadley who normally does a shout out to 2BS from his 2GB studios, told listeners that 2BS was no longer with their network, while John Laws, at the opening of his program, welcomed back Bathurst listeners, having a swipe at Ray Hadley along the way telling listeners “It’s no doubt a relief that you won’t have to endure shouting any more.”

A brief announcement of the sale was broadcast in news bulletins on both Bathurst stations this morning.

General Manager of the Bathurst operation, Phil Cole has worked for Ron Camplin for 41 years. He told radioinfo that he turned 21 when Mr Camplin turned 50. They share a birthday together in December. “I’m 57 now which would make Mr Camplin 86 by my count.” 

Staff were invited to the Camplin’s home for drinks last night where they were told about the sale.

Mr Cole paid tribute to his long-time boss and described how Ron took a chance on him as a young announcer:

“I went in to the station unauthorised with a friend of mine who was preparing to take over a casual shift. He showed me the automation equipment and I worked it out pretty quickly. As it turned out my friend was very nervous and decided not to take the job so I went to see Ron Camplin and he gave me a chance. My first shift was 12 hours on New Years eve just before my 16th birthday. I eventually left shcool to take up a full time job and that was 41 years ago… Thanks for believing in me Ron.”

Mr Cole also told us that while it will be business as usual but with the change of networks, there are a number of content issues to wade through.