European Radio Awards 2007 Announced

For the first time, radio professionals across Europe have the opportunity to participate in a pan European Radio Awards ceremony that recognizes the best achievements in the radio industry.

With over 3,500 terrestrial radio stations and thousands more internet, community and satellite stations across Europe, the European Radio Awards (ERA) will unite the European radio community for the first time, showcasing the best radio professionals across the continent.

The awards will feature a wide array of categories, with a strong focus on individual and team entries, as well as awards for technology driven radio and Internet only radio stations.

Judging for the European Radio Awards will be via a carefully selected panel of judges from across Europe. All are recognized and established broadcasting professionals and have been chosen for their unique skills and insight into the world of radio and media. Judging will take place online, through the ERA website, enabling judges to securely log on and review the entries any time they please.

The awards ceremony will take place in a major European city later this year.