Everyday Conspiracy Theories podcast launched this week. (Or did it?)

Seems like everybody has an everyday conspiracy theory, judging by the reaction to the first episode of the Everyday Conspiracy Theories podcast.

“We knew they’d come out of the woodwork as soon as the podcast was launched,” says co-host Sean Craig Murphy.

“The Conspiracy theory about why Starbucks spells your name incorrectly on your coffee cup is one of my favourite new ones, thanks Danny-Elle Z!”

Co-host Mena Soliman says “We’ll be sharing all the best theories in our 15-minute podcast that drops every Tuesday morning at 8am.”

Theories discussed in the first episode of the podcast included:

– Seafood cabinets being magnified to make the prawns look bigger.

– Why overseas actors are being hired for feminine hygiene product commercials.

– And, a theory about surveillance in shops that had to be cut short abruptly …

Listeners can share their own theories, anonymous or otherwise, through social media or by emailing [email protected]

Everyday Conspiracy Theories is created by the overactive imaginations of Sean Craig Murphy and Mena Soliman.

It is hosted and supported by the P.Zinner & Co Podcast network and available wherever you get your favourite podcast.

Until it’s cancelled.

Check out the first episode here.

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