Ex Breakfast radio host tells of his battle with testicular cancer

Craig Evans was a breakfast radio host who was studying to be a lawyer and then just 5 weeks ago he was told he had testicular cancer.
In season two of the podcast This is Me, Craig told host Siobhan of his horror when doctors told him that they would have to remove one of his testicals to save his life.
I was doing burpees at the gym when I noticed one of my plums was bigger than it should be, I thought it was weird but I didn’t worry about it. I told my girlfreind and she said go and get it checked out. Within days I was booked in to have it removed”
Craig is a new father and this news shocked him but at the same time he is positive that it was caught in time and in this first episode of the new season of  This is Me Craig gives a first hand account of his life changing moment.

Head Shaper at Podshape, Jay Walkerden, said – “I’ve known Craig for a number of years and he was always a positive and funny bloke with the world at his feet, when we heard of his story we wanted to make sure we could help share his story and encourage other young blokes to give themselves a check.”
Like all of the other podcasts in the This is Me series, this episode will promote Craig’s chosen charity which is Movember.
This year Movember are not only supporting mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer but also testicular cancer.






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