Exclusive: Why I quit MacRadio – George Moore

Last Sunday, radioinfo broke the news that after 17 years, at 2GB and 2UE, George Moore had announced he was leaving the enormously popular George and Paul show on weekends.

In a brief statement at around 10:20am, he told listeners of 2GB, 4BC and network stations that he’d been offered a new contract to continue into 2020 and beyond but had turned it down. 

He said that while the money was good, the terms of the agreement were unacceptable and therefore, “with heavy heart,” he had no option but to resign. He had, however, agreed to stay until Christmas but would not return in 2020. 

MacRadio management did not respond to our request for clarification as to what was in the “terms” of the agreement that was such a deal-breaker that could not be ironed out between them.

However, George Moore did respond, explaining to radioinfo that the dispute centred around defamation insurance, the terms of which had changed from full cover to just the first $50,000. This would mean that had he had a judgement against him, as Alan Jones did in the Wagner Family/ Queensland floods case, which resulted in $3.7 million dollar payout to the Wagners, he’d be personally on the hook for $3.65 million – and that’s before costs had been awarded. 

Of course, they have the right to put that limit in, and I have the right to say. no thanks,” Moore told radioinfo.

“I would have re-signed at the end of June, but the contract was changed, from full indemnity to a limit of $50K – which wouldn’t pay for a lawyer. 

“They said it was a small risk. And it is. But I could lose my home for simply doing my job.

 But every time you make a comment… you know they don’t have your back. And that’s what led to my decision,” said Moore.