EZEcourier hits the market

Total Exact Solutions Australia, provider of broadcast management products such as Visual Traffic, Metro, RateMinder and SalesMinder, has announced the release of EZEcourier, an Audio Database Management & Audio Delivery System. The product enters the market against Dart, Digital Courier and the recently launched V-Dub delivery systems.

EZEcourier is “fast and efficient point-to-point or point-to-multipoint audio delivery with no landlines, no ISDN lines and no websites required… This simple and effective software uses the latest compression algorithms to deliver broadcast-preferred .wav files. Compressed at up to 21:1 the .wav file is sent along with title, product notes and other information to be automatically recompressed on delivery.”

Total Exact Solutions’ Business Development Manager Dane Hansen says: “Ezecourier was designed to send .wav files with no hassles and at low cost. There’s no more messing around with converting between sound file formats, cluttered up e-mail, websites or middlemen. You purchase the send-receive software and your clients get the receive-only version free. When you start adding up the savings you’ll make in time, resources and the cost of sending audio, EZEcourier makes good sense.”

Contact Dane Hansen on 03 5284 1400 or email [email protected]