Facebook bans Jack Post song

GOLDFM Christian O’Connell’s co-host Jack Post otherwise known as Cacklin’ Jack from Hamish and Andy’s Podcast has had his latest song parody banned by US tech giant Facebook
Jack released the song summing up all the horrors, hilarities and habits of 2020, taking aim at everything from Tiger King to COVID-19, Trump to Epstein, and Daniel Andrews’ North Face jacket.
Seems Facebook won’t have a bar of it, rejecting a post of the song from Jack’s management team at Marchmedia and questions regarding the post have been unanswered by Facebook to date.
Its assumed that the song might exploit a ‘ crises ‘ or controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes, as per Facebook regulations .
The song lyrcis are set to REM’s ‘ It’s the End of The World As We Know It ‘

It’s not great
It starts with a mistake
A virus escapes on aeroplanes
We have to shut down all the states

And we’re not allowed to embrace
Have to leave the workplace
Says the guy in North Face
He wants to stop the rat race
Stay at home
All alone
Until we get double-donuts
This sucks

Every bloody Sunday
What is Danny gonna say?
Lockdown stages
Stay inside your places
Masks on faces in public spaces
COVID tracers
Active cases
Too many phrases
We never wanna hear again

Like JobKeeper, JobSeeker, super spreader, permit letter
Quarantine, vaccine, Stage 2, curfew, flattening the curve
The only thing we wanna do is hear
‘Get on the beers’

It’s the end of the year, 2020
It’s the end of the year, 2020
It’s the end of the year, 2020
Unprecedented times

And you can’t go online
The world is in decline
Stop the count
Count the votes
Voter fraud
I’m bored
US election has been total imperfection
You gotta stop reading through the comments section
‘Cause looking at Twitter is like staring at the sun
Is Trump still claiming that he won?

Yea lockdown, shutdown, download every show
Last Dance, Tiger King
Everybody’s watching
Queer Eye, Cobra Kai
Joe Rogan is on Spotify
How did Jeffery Epstein really die?




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