Fairfax sells 2UE’s call sign to Nintendo

Fairfax Radio Network’s Sydney radio station 2UE has announced plans to change its name and on-air call sign. In a shock move the iconic Sydney station will officially be re-named 2U-Wii – but just for one day, next Monday October 27. And its not even April Fool’s Day.

Its all part of a clever promotion that can’t be easily ripped off by other stations except those with a call sign ending in ‘E’ or ‘B’ or ‘C’ or ‘D’…. Well, quite a few actually. In any case, 2UE’s Program Director Greg Byrnes has bragging rights because he thought of it first.

More importantly, Nintendo, who has never advertised on UE before, bought the idea and are planning to give away over $20,000 worth of Wii products.

The promotion will feature Wii characters on the 2U-Wii website during the 3 week integrated campaign with Nintendo. All station identification including the sign at the front of the building will be changed to 2U-Wii.

Fairfax Radio Network General Manager, Graham Mott, sees the name change as a bit of fun. “It’s not often that an opportunity like this comes along where a brand such as 2UE can totally embrace a promotional concept in this manner. All the 2UE on-air broadcasters are excited about the opportunity to play with the Wiiand to market the brand on 2UE……….2U-Wii”.

Greg Arthurton, Nintendo’s Director of Marketing, said: “Nintendo are pleased to be associated with 2UE; one of the true icon brands in Australian radio. 2UE represents a great opportunity for Nintendo to talk to the people of Sydney in a new and innovative promotional context where people are able to discuss and share opinions. For us, the renaming of 2UE as 2U-Wii, if only for a short time, is good fun and a great fit”.