Fatherhood has made me a better husband… and comedian: Rosso

KIIS/Mix Drive host Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross and his mate, Channel 7’s Tom Williams have done an exclusive photoshoot with their newest additions for children’s fashion blog Captain and the Gypsy Kid.

The pics show Rosso and his wife Michelle Glew-Ross with new son Bobby and Tom with his daughter Storm and wife Rachel Gilbert.
The gents are dressed by Harrolds Department Store and the adorable babies (when actually clothed) are wearing Seed.

See the full shoot here.

Talking about fatherhood, Rosso says:

Fatherhood has made me a better husband, a better son, a better brother and a better comedian (kids=shitloads of jokes) I still laugh at how emotional I was when I rang my Mum one day when Bugsy was a few weeks old and told how grateful I was for our upbringing and that it had taken me until that moment to truly realise how fantastic my parents were. I love how content I am with my family, I don’t need anything more than Michelle and them to be happy.

Tom has always wanted to love and adore a child created by two people who are completely in love and obsessed with each other.

Rachel and I are so proud of Storm. I am constantly in wonder at how good my wife is at being a mum. Fatherhood has made me a proud Man. My girls are my Life. Everything I do, every decision I make, I think of my family. Fatherhood has made me more mature, more responsible, more humble and a much better man. Im less selfish, not consumed by my own ambition or goals that I was chasing. And I’m a whole lot less concern what people think of me.This moment in my life is defining exactly who I am right now. It’s a challenge at times but when that little girl smiles at me in the morning, when I get her up, when I arrive home at night and Rachel is holding her or when she laughs and even when she cries, I know this role was meant for me.


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