FBi’s first year on air and birthday celebrations

It is a year since Sydney community station FBi went to air and the station is celebrating with a birthday bash and subscriber drive.

radioinfo spoke to General Manager Christina Alvarez to get an idea of how successful the station’s first year has been:

radioinfo: Has FBi changed Sydney radio in the year it has been on air?

Alvarez: Sydney radio now includes a station that is committed to Sydney music, art and culture. People want to know what’s happening in their town and to feel connected to its creative energies.

We are constantly getting feedback from our listeners who are now using FBi to find out what is happening in Sydney, and feeling more connected to their town as a result. FBi broadcasters are also bringing a unique style and energy to the airwaves.

radioinfo: What has been your most memorable moment in the past 12 months?

Alvarez: There have been so many!

Seeing people weep with joy on the day we launched a year ago, watching The Herd lead several hundred punters singing “FBi 94.5” at a recent FBi gig, having Nations by the River rehearse live in our office area, hearing the phones ring during our current Supporter Drive, and listening to FBi 94.5.

radioinfo: Has FBi changed the Sydney music scene since it has been on air?

Alvarez: FBi has a music policy of playing 50% Australian music with half of that from Sydney artists.

At the end of 2003, Drum Media listed FBi as one of the main reasons behind Sydney’s music resurgence. And there has definitely been a resurgence over the past 12 months. When you have a radio station committed to playing and promoting local music it makes sense that it would have an impact.

FBi receives heaps of local music. About 20% of the music we play comes directly from musicians and artists who have no record companies, managers or promotional budget.

In addition FBi is made up of broadcasters and volunteers who are really connected to various music scenes so we keep ahead of what’s going on. In saying that we are always very keen to receive new music.

radioinfo: How much talk is on the station?


We talk about music arts and culture on FBi. There’s a lot going on so there’s a lot to say, but we don’t talk for the sake of it.

We do live interviews with musicians, artists, performers, etc, but we also have a great team of program makers who make pre-produced radio pieces about what is happening around town, and these are played in different shows across the week.

* * *

FBi is currently running it’s first Supporter Drive. The station receives no government or institutional funding.

While being independently supported guarantees the station 100%
independence, it also makes the job of paying the bills more difficult. So the station is asking supporters to call 8332 2945 to become an FBi Supporter “from as little as
$6 a month.”

Supporters will get the inaugural FBi
Supporters Pack (FBi card, magazine, keyring and bumper sticker).