Ferncast’s new fernReport to be unveiled at IBC 2023.

Ferncast, the audio logistics company specialising in 24/7 software solutions, will unveil their new fernReport device at IBC 2023.

The new fernReport is a portable aixtream platform, designed for audio reporting in the field, live sports commentary and any other portable audio codecs usage with on-device controls and monitoring. It is a compact solution, which combines aixtream software and the new RasPad 3, a portable Raspberry Pi Tablet.

Users can control the fernReport via the large 10-1-inch touch screen. Connectivity includes WiFi, LTE/4G/5G and Ethernet. It is powered by a 5h rechargeable battery and includes up to 128 GB storage. By default, 3 professional headsets (USB) are supported out-of-the-box. Splitters, adapters, and external interfaces enable even more microphones and many different connector types.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface is customisable, allowing every user to create the control interface that suits them best, even mimicking knob and fader control panels for users that prefer the classic experience. On request, UI controls closely matching existing hardware solutions can be enabled. Ferncast has improved responsiveness and feedback of touch screen controls for audio transmission UIs.

Detlef Wiese, CEO and founder of Ferncast, said:

“We completely rethought how reporters can do their news gathering: a freely configurable UI controlled with touch screen — no knobs, no potentiometers, no faders, everything in the software. The final pricing will be released at IBC. It will be extremely attractive because we were able to avoid so many costs. Users will nonetheless benefit from a modern, high-quality solution, as they are used to with aixtream.”

Murray Hunt, Managing Director AVW Group said:

“We at AVW are thrilled to be the exclusive distributors of Ferncast’s groundbreaking fernReport in Australia and New Zealand. This next-gen device is a game-changer for the audio reporting and live sports commentary sectors. Its software-based approach, coupled with state-of-the-art hardware like the RasPad 3, offers unparalleled flexibility and customisation.

The fernReport’s robust connectivity options, including WiFi, LTE/4G/5G, and Ethernet, make it an ideal choice for our diverse and often remote landscapes. The device’s 5-hour rechargeable battery and up to 128 GB storage capacity are perfect for the on-the-go professionals who make up a significant portion of our market.

We look forward to showcasing the fernReport at IBC 2023 and are confident that it will set new standards in the industry.”

The fernReport will also be available with carrying case and audio hardware included in delivery.

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