A few bucks to help preserve radio heritage

The Radio Heritage Foundation is having a fundraiser this month to support its important work of keeping radio history alive across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

The Radio Heritage Foundation keeps radio memories safe for Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia. The volunteers also look after various radio guides and are kept busy with amateur radio history [many thousands of QSL cards to catalog], vintage radio, US Armed Forces Radio history and many other aspects of broadcasting across the entire region including the Americas.

“It’s marvellous to keep these memories safe, in fact it’s a privilege to do so, and we’re happy so many thousands of you find our website and find things of interest,” says the Foundation in its latest newsletter.

But, as with any volunteer organisation, funds are tight. The August shortfall was US$1,440.42.

The foundation says: “Right now, the biggest way you can help is by making a donation towards our regular operational costs of just over US$400 a week. These are the bills we have to pay others just to be here.”

They are asking for less than $10 of your money to support them.

“It’s only through public donations that we can continue being here to keep the memories safe, as we get no funding from the radio industry or the government, so that makes your US$6.25 so important to us.”


Donations can be made here