Fifi & Dave drop $100,000 in 5 minutes

Fifi & Dave from the Fox Fm breakfast programhave celebrated their first ever OB by dropping loads of cash in Fifi & Dave’s $100,000 Catch competition.

 More than 60 on-air finalists turned up at Melbourne’s Gosch’s Paddock for the chance to win a share of $100,000 cash – but to keep it they had to catch it!

 After whittling the finalists down to a lucky three, Fifi & Dave went up in cherry pickers and threw fistfuls of replica notes into the game zone.

The players, who were also equipped with giant cone-shaped backpacks for additional cash-catching support, got highly competitive.

Fifi dropped money like a seasoned professional but Dave’s fear of heights almost got the better of him!
The champion, listener Christian, won $10,155, with second place getter Vincent taking home $7,540 and Sophie only just behind, managing to bag $7,525.

Dave Thornton: “It is decidedly hard to catch money in the air. It is actually quite hard because I saw it as it was falling, flapping from side-to-side. I was like, just stay still for God’s sake.”

 Fifi Box: “And now I know why you [the listeners] had stack hats on because you were looking up, not looking at each other!”

Here’s the video:

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