Fifi returns from maternity leave and all she wants is a ‘good lie down’

As most new mums will tell you, motherhood is hard work, often involving many sleepless nights. Now with Fifi back behind the microphone from maternity leave, Jules and Byron decided that it was time to start planning their next big event. But Jules confessed all she really wanted was a nap.

So the boys decided, in typical Today Network fashion, that if a nap was what she wanted, a nap is what she’ll get.  But how do you turn a nap into a big event? You start by giving it a big name: The Nap-a-palooza.

Then you send out an invitation to anyone in Australia who’s tired, worn out and in dire need of a nap. Next, you tie in a sponsor. In this case, Village’s Gold Class cinemas where lucky guests were pmpered with massages, animal themed onesies, delicious food and even a special lullaby performed by Jessica Mauboy.

Jules Lund then created an exclusive sleep hypnosis instructional video, where he chatted through the steps to falling into a deep and relaxing sleep, which was shown on the big screen.

Did Fifi finally get her nap? No way. When it came time to get some shut-eye, the pressure got the better of her.  Annoying her nap buddy (listener Brooke, who was unlucky enough to be seated next to her) Fifi checked her text messages, decided she needed a bathroom break and worried that the chicken wings were too salty.

Fifi:  I’m prepared to say that was the worst nap I’ve never had.  I couldn’t even shut my eyes.  I’m exhausted.  I totally wasted that nap…

…It was a bit of a fizzer for me, to be honest.  It was my nap party, and I didn’t even nap.

Fifi:  Jade, how did you go…did you drift off?

Jade:  I think so, for a little bit, but I could hear you talking.

Fifi:  Yeah, sorry about that.