Fifi Vs Tom over Disabled Parking

It’s risky when you put your life out there every day to entertain others.

This week Fox FM’s Fifi Box told a funny story about how she pretended to be disabled after accidentally parking in a disabled parking space.

She didn’t realise it was a disabled space until she returned to her car. It was very early in the morning, there were other disabled spaces and there were very few other cars in shopping centre parking lot.

3AW’s Tom Elliot took issue with Box, saying she should “hang her head in shame” for such a low trick.

Box and Elliot slugged out the issue on air yesterday, with Fifi Box exlaining herself:

If you’ve ever listened to me on the radio, you know that I do silly things, I make mistakes, I’m very honest about that. And in that situation I was honestly saying I made a mistake.’

‘I wasn’t imitating a disabled person. I have far more respect for them,.I am not in anyway ever trying to hurt or disrespect anybody. So if I have offended anybody by telling that story, I am so sorry, and that’s a heartfelt apology.’

’The intention I had on Monday was to out myself and apologise for something I did. I wasn’t hiding, and I certainly wasn’t making fun of it.’

With 3AW and Fox FM having very different audience targets, the stoush probably won’t hurt either of them in the ratings, and the issue is generating a lot of media coverage for both stations. Listen to the audio below.


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