Burgo dumped from SAFM breakfast

The SAFM breakfast show will be hosted by Michael and Hayley, without Burgo, from now on.

SAFM posted this message on its facebook page today, saying Ryan ‘Burgo’ Burgess is no longer with the show:

We have chosen to make a change to the SAFM line up and confirm Burgo will not continue with his role as anchor on the SAFM breakfast show.

Listeners will continue to enjoy the great on air chemistry between Michael and Hayley and we are committed to ensuring they will have a great show to listen to in the mornings.

After the last survey SCA’s Craig Bruce said he felt SAFM’s breakfast needed to be looked at. “Right now the numbers are not where we’d like them to be in Adelaide,” he told radioinfo. SCA plans to replace Burgo with an anchor to push the buttons but talk less, so that the market can focus on the two personalities in the shift.

Burgo has recently been the subject of an ABC reality show about dating.

In a stunt last year, Burgo stepped aside to let Michael handle the panel. Perhaps is was a taste of things to come for Burgo.


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