Fitzy vs Wippa on Family Feud and the winner is…

It was a case of the Fitzgeralds vs the Wipflis when Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa decided to drag their families onto the set of Network Ten’s hit game show Family Feud.

The radio duo have been threatening to do this for quite a while and it has finally happened. Host Grant Denyer was ducking for cover as the two let fly with hilarious commentry as they did their best to outdo each other on the show.

The Fitzgeralds managed to win the chance to play round one when team captain Ryan Fitzgerald managed to name “something that’s hard on the outside but soft on the inside” and Wippa said “avocado” which wasn’t on the board. Fitzy correctly guessed “an egg” and passed on to the Wipflis to answer the rest of the round.

Hmmm….hard on the outside but soft on the inside…oranges? The hearts of radio station program directors?

Watch as they battle it out on the game show to end all game shows….Family Feud….

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