Five months media silence for Hinch

Derryn Hinch will have plenty of quiet recovery time after his liver transplant. He has been sentenced to five months home detention after being convicted of contempt of court for naming two paedophiles, and has been forbidden from appearing on media or online. Hinch’s Twitter account and website blog will be required to fall as silent as his microphone for the duration of the five month sentence.


Magistrate Rozencwajg restricted Hinch from working, publishing in the media, publishing online, giving interviews or encouraging others to speak on his behalf.


Hinch has already recorded an interview for 60 Minutes. It is not known at this time whether the previously recorded segment, scheduled to air this weekend, will also fall under the ban.


One of Hinch’s last Tweets, about 15 hours ago, was “Big day tomorrow. Back to Austin for blood tests and condition update. Then Mag. Court 11a.m. for sentencing.” Stay tuned for more… in five months.