Fordham preps for breakfast at Alan’s home studio during his week off

Ben Fordham, Alan Jones and Nine Radio are all working hard to ensure a smooth transition next week when Jones retires and Fordham takes over on 2GB breakfast.

Last night Fordham had dinner then stayed over at Alan Jones’ country property so he could be up at the crack of dawn to see how the breakfast show works first hand.

Fordham has worked at the other end of the day for many years, but It’s not the first time he has sat in on Jones’ breakfast show. As a kid he did work experience on that program.

Having now built a reputation of his own the drive shift, Fordham was once again in the observer’s seat this morning, but as the impending new host, not the work experience kid.

Both presenters, and Nine Radio, realise the importance of making Jones’ audience comfortable with the new presenter to ensure a smooth transition. With Jones’ endorsement, management will hope the audience remains with ‘the new boy.’

Chatting in the final hour of the program, Fordham told Jones:

“All I can do is do my thing and try and bring my own colour to it. I’m learning along the way from the master.

“I know a lot of people say ‘oh, you don’t appreciate what goes on behind the scenes,’ well I’ve seen it. I did work experience with you when I was 15 and I’m here again doing work experience at 40-bloody-three.”

He said he thinks he can handle the early hours, and also talked about his mum and dad and thanked them on air. Fordham’s father recently passed away.

“You talk about struggle street, it’s a passion for you… I’ve seen it, it is real and never ending.”

Jones responded, “the only thing you get without hard work is failure… work hard and build something…”

After having stayed the night at Jones’ property, Fordham gave an insight into how Alan Jones works from home, with family and friends around him. “There’s children running around and dogs everywhere.”

What is Alan Jones’ advice to Fordham?

“Just be yourself. You’re not Alan Jones, you’re Ben Fordham. Be yourself.”

With Jones’ departure from the breakfast slot, Nine Radio’s Brisbane station 4BC is resuming a local breakfast show. In Canberra too, where Jones was heard on 2CC, there is a push for the local breakfast show with former presenter Tim Shaw to resume. Tim Shaw commented to radioinfo: “I do wish Ben from Sydney, all the best from Tim in Canberra.




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