Foxtel pays homage to one of radio’s greatest, John Brennan

The Kingmaker– John Brennan, is a special Foxtel Original documentary, that will premiere on Fox Docos on October 10th  at 7.30pm.

John Brennan died in March this year, but was well known and respected as the Radio Kingmaker, responsible for launching the careers of Alan Jones, Mike Walsh, Ray Hadley, and Stan Zemanek.

His impact on the industry spanned decades most notably on talk back radio.

The documentary is narrated by Tim Webster, and includes interviews with past and present media personalities.

Among those relating their memories of Brennan through the years are Ray Hadley, Alan Jones, Deborah Knight, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Peter Overton, Ben Fordham, Bob Rogers, and Geraldine Doogue, as well as the late Mike Gibson, Frank Hyde, Frank Crook and Stan Zemanek.

The story begins with his early days as a country radio announcer, the production follows his triumphs in programming Top 40 music and celebrity disc jockeys, talkback, rock music, and the provocative and controversial shock-jocks.

What emerges is a fascinating portrait of an immensely creative and successful media executive, widely loved and respected; the man everyone knew as ‘Brenno’.



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