Friends of the ABC seek Kroger’s resignation

The Victorian Branch of Friends of the ABC has accused Michael Kroger of being a “symptom of the problems” with the ABC Board and has urged him to resign. The resignation call comes after an article in The Melbourne Age last weekend where Kroger expressed disatisfaction with the ABC board and his role within it.

“In his time on the ABC Board, Mr Kroger’s actions have demonstrated a lack of understanding and support for independent, comprehensive public broadcasting in general, and the ABC in particular,” said Friends of the ABC (Vic) President Terry Laidler.

“Mr Kroger is a symptom of bigger problem. His behaviour highlights the dangers of a system which allows governments to appoint their political mates to govern perhaps, the most important information and cultural institution in the country.”

Laidler believes Kroger’s actions have “reinforced the need for a transparent ABC Board appointments process, ­ one which ensures Board members are appointed on the basis of merit and commitment to independent broadcasting.”

The ABC Friends organisation finds it “unacceptable” that Kroger “seems to have allowed his political and personal allegiances to influence his activities on the ABC Board.”

“Mr Kroger should not wait until his current appointment expires in 2003. His past behaviour and the frustration it is reported he feels at his inability to achieve his aims, indicate it would be in the best interests of the country’s national broadcaster if he resigned now,” said Laidler.