Game of Thrones star sausage roll tasting

Even Game of Thrones star Eugene Simon is a fan of the famous Kalgoorlie sausage roll.

So much in fact, that he continued to eat after his interview with Nathan, Nat & Shaun.

Eugene, who plays Lancel Lannister on the TV series Game of Thrones, dropped by for a chat with the Nova 93.7 Breakfast team – and it quickly derailed.

After professing his love for a good pastry, a world-famous Kalgoorlie Lunchbowl sausage roll was brought out of the freezer, into the oven and heated for him to try.

His reaction? Impressed and happy, very unlike Lancel.

“There’s a really sweet remoulade thing going on…genuinely, I am serious, this is a delicious sausage roll.”

He was such a fan he continued to eat the sausage roll off-air, and even wants to help Nathan Nat & Shaun buy the café in Kalgoorlie that sells the sausage roll, as it’s currently up for sale.

“Give me some time, I’ll come back here and we’ll start negotiations…when I’m not covering your desk in sausage roll crumbs.”

And Shaun reckons he’ll keep his word. “Lannister’s always pay their debts – see you soon mate!” 


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