Game Changers:Radio back with Hamish Blake

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The first series of Game Changers:Radio hosted by talent coach Craig Bruce has been a huge success with more than 15,000 downloads worldwide.

Now Series 2 promises to be even more exciting with a line-up of top talent.

Here’s Craig’s brief on what to expect from Series 2 starting with Hamish Blake this Monday.

Those close to Hamish know that he’s all about celebrating moments and sharing experiences that his friends and family will always remember. By the end of our chat you’ll see how he’s brought this same attitude to his radio audience.

You’ll hear from Matt Tilley and learn why he’s been so successful for more than 20 years on Melbourne radio, and how he knows more about the art of radio than almost anyone in the caper.

And then there’s Fifi Box, an example of determination, focus, and the long and winding path to success. Fifi has always felt like she was working against the odds, and even now doesn’t feel like she’s truly made it despite her ratings success. In this interview, prepare to relearn everything you think you know about Fifi.

We’ve also spoken with Amanda Keller. What a gifted yarn spinner, Amanda is simply a wonderful conversationalist.

Listen in and you will feel her warmth and spirit, and hear her talk about the two most important men in life (aside from her husband) – Brendan Jones and Andrew Denton – and how both have been at the heart of her success on radio.

And whilst I have your attention, two more things.  

My people are talking to his people about a record date for Kyle Sandilands. He is in Los Angeles, but we’re on track for him to tell his amazing story in this series.

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