Geoff Field: “My Kyle and Jackie O story”

  Former 2DayFM newsreader Geoff Field has documented his time working with Kyle and Jackie O, following a reunion with his former work mates last week on KIIS FM.
Geoff left the Kyle and Jackie O Show before they went to ARN amid “mysterious circumstances” and while he has remained friends with Jackie it was a chance to kiss and make up with Kyle.
In a series of three blogs Geoff talks about about his first encounter with Jackie O.
“I first became friendly with Jackie in about 2001 when I was working the drive shift with Jamie Angel at the old 2DayFM studios in Bondi Junction. Jackie and Kyle were on after the drive show with the iconic Hot 30 Countdown and just about every teenager listened to hear the latest hits.

“I can remember getting my hands on a copy of Kylie Minogue’s hot new song “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” and racing it into their studio so they could play it first in Australia – that really got our friendship going!”
Geoff became the news reader on the national “Kyle & Jackie O” Drive Show in 2004 and once they hit breakfast was a firm member of the team with the now infamous “Scare Geoff” segments known around Australia, which included Geoff reading the news while skydiving.

Arguably Geoff’s fondest memory of his time on the show was the wedding Kyle and Jackie O along with the 2DayFM promotions team organised when he married his partner Jason.
“Kyle told me I was about to experience a life-changing moment. To be honest I was terrified, but then Jackie looked at me and told me Jason had something to say to me. With that Jason got down on one knee and said: “Geoff will you marry me?
“The gay community got right behind us, we decided to brand it Sydney’s first “illegal” gay wedding to highlight the ridiculous laws, our families wholeheartedly agreed to attend, and we were excited that listeners and supporters would attend the ceremony.”
That was eleven years ago with gay marriage still not recognised in Australia.

Geoff left the breakfast show in 2010 turning off his 4am alarm to read news for Hamish and Andy before his role was made redundant last year when the network established a national bulletin to be read by Emma Freedman.
“I promised myself I would take a year off to travel and have some “long service-leave”. A lot of people have been asking me what my future holds.
“I don’t think you can ever be certain of things like that, but I hope it’s in radio or TV because I love broadcasting.”

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