Get your in-car screen displays right: Paul Jacobs #NABShow

How many stations continue to display poor RDS, let alone anything more complex on in-car displays.
With bigger displays on the way, Paul Jacobs from Jacobs Media says if your station hasn’t at least made the leap to more complex RDS that is more than 8 scrolling characters, then chances are you are missing out on vital promotion.
 In October 2917, Jacobs Media presented their study on Radio’s Digital Dashboard Dilemma, and now almost 2 years later, there have only been slight improvements in the way stations use RDS, let alone HD displays.
Consistency, or lack of, is still the major concern with a lack of understanding on how simple messaging works, especially when radio’s competitors like  Spotify and Pandora, that have a uniformity of look.
radioinfo spoke to Paul Jacobs at the NABShow, and his advice is, go sit in a car and look at the RDS for stations in your area and you are likely to find

  • RDS in All Caps, akin to shouting at your audience
  • Messages from the music scheduling software, like “Radio Edit”

Pauls says the changes are not hard, but you have to commit yourself to getting done because it relates to the consumer.
radioinfo also asked Paul about the importance of voice commands for drivers, especially when it comes to finding a favourite station, and he says that there are some stations who are already running onair promo’s teaching their listeners how to use voice control to find them.





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