Gold Coast radio competition divides listeners

Rebel FM’s latest competition has created a stir, with an ACA report  last night on Channel 9 branding the competiton ‘outrageous’. 

The competition, called ‘Rate the Rack’, requires female listeners to upload pictures of their ‘lady lumps’, whether god-given or man-made, and allow others to vote on who has the best rack. The winner will recieve $1000 cash.

The ACA report came to be after a mother heard the ad and wrote into the program expressing her outrage. ACA ‘investigated’ by asking Gold Coast locals what their thoughts on the competition were, and seemed to receive completely negative points of view.

Rebel FM was quick to brush off the report, which they suggest makes the competiton seem worse than the reality. The station also said via Facebook that the report suggested women were to be completely topless, which is not allowed:

Rebel FM also assures listeners that women are not eligible to enter unless they are over 18 years and able to withdraw their photos at any time.

Last night Rebel FM’s website even crashed due to the large amount of traffic after the report on ACA aired:

Do you think this competition is, as the ACA report puts it, ‘pushing women’s right back to the 1970s’? or, is it just having a bit of harmless fun?

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You can view the full ACA report and Rebel FM’s response here.

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