Grant Denyer confronts ‘Dave Hughes’ after Logies scorch

Off the back of his Logies scorching, Grant Denyer spoke to Heidi, Will & Woody this morning, who couldn’t resist asking him about being targeted by comedic genius, Dave Hughes.
In case you missed it, Hughes singled out the Gold Logie Finalist, calling him an adrenaline junkie and poking fun at his height.
“He crashed his car into a tree at 160km per hour … the only thing that saved him was the seven pillows he was sitting on!” Hughes joked.
On air with hit92.9 this morning, Denyer revealed he was given a heads up the joke was coming via voicemail by Hughes himself, taking the opportunity to hilariously imitate the comedian on live radio.
What he didn’t know was that Hughes was listening.
Well, Woody pretending to be Hughes …
“G’day Grant. Was that impersonation supposed to sound like me?” Woody said.
“I wish we caught up at the after party Grant, but to be honest, you’re a pretty hard man to find in a crowd.”
“So bloody short Grant!”

With nothing else to do but laugh, Denyer fell hard and fast for the prank, promising ‘Hughesy’ that he wasn’t mad at all about the Logies joke and even referring to him as “comedy royalty.”
Hear the full prank, including the moment the truth is revealed.


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