Gregg Sinclair pulls down the faders for the last time at ARN

It’s not often that one achieves 50 years of continuous service in the radio industry, particularly in commercial radio.

Yesterday ARN Sydney farewelled Gregg Sinclair, who hangs up his stopwatch and closes the faders one last time following a 50-year career mostly in the production studios of several stations in Sydney, Newcastle, and Melbourne.

Gregg’s enduring service extended across:

1972, 2GB office boy, panel operator

1975, 2SM cart boy

1976, 2GB, senior panel op and production

1978, 2NX, production manager

1983, 3KZ/KZFM/Gold 104, production manager

1994, MIX106.5 production manager

Gregg saw many changes as ARN grew during his 27 plus years with company including several managerial appointments some, during the Clear Channel ownership era, controversial.  The operation was relocated from Neutral Bay to North Ryde with the acquisition of WSFM and The Edge and Gregg’s position reclassified within the Creative Department to Sound Designer. In this role his principal focus was on retail advertising across the network including material in the online space for iHeart Radio.

In his 50 years in the business Gregg worked with some of the biggest names in radio and voice over either as a panel op or producer.  He even made front page of the afternoon newspapers in 1977 when suspended from 2GB for letting the ‘F’ word go to air during an infamous interview between Bob Rogers and advertising identity John Singleton.  As a result, Rogers was immediately removed from the station. Singleton, the businessman, later become owner of 2GB.

During his time at 2NX Gregg was also rostered to mid-dawn in 1979/80 under the name John Patrick but didn’t feel jocking was his forte.  Instead, he remained in production and developed a strong reputation among the voiceover community of being a gun operator, giving clear and creative direction, getting the best from talent, and then bringing all together in the final mix.

Gregg not only leaves his mark after in 50 years, his son Shayne, keeps the Sinclair name alive in radio as Program Director of STAR 104.5 Central Coast.

                                                           Gregg and Shayne at the ACRAS

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