Grill Team weighs in on Pocock’s anti-homophobic actions

On his Triple M Brisbane Grill Team show this morning, Greg “Marto” Martin, former Wallaby and part of the Fox Sports Rugby Union Commentary Team, feared what speaking up against homophobia will mean for David Pocock’s career.
In a heated section of the Brumbies vs Waratahs game on the weekend, Pocock went to the referee to report homophobic slurs that were being used by a Warratahs player.
Marto believes that however noble his actions were, the incident will sit poorly in the eyes of many players.
“He’ll pay for it. It will mean that he will never captain the Wallabies again”, said Marto.
“What he’s done he hasn’t fractured the game down a Waratahs Brumbies line…but it will be fractured upon, clear thinking, modern thinking footballers who will support David Pocock and the more old school hard heads who will say that was a disgrace.”
Listen to the full audio below.


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