Gunners & Ali prove breakfast show is child’s play

97.3 Coast FM breakfast personalities Gunners & Ali have welcomed a new addition into the studio as Ali Hill returns to the show with her baby boy Seth.

Ali is certainly showing working mums you can do both, returning to the airwaves after giving birth to her third child, Seth, in August and bringing him back to work with her, creating the temporary show Gunners & Ali with Seth”, which aired over the past couple of weeks.

“It’s such a lovely feeling to be back in the studio and actually holding a conversation with someone that doesn’t just goo and gaa… although Gunner’s could expand his vocabulary.” Hill said.

Co-host Daniel Gunn (Gunners) said he’s enjoyed having Ali and her newest addition back in the studio.

“It’s OK. I mean she’s back to bossing me around and telling me what to do just like before.” Gunners said.

“The bonus this time is the addition of Seth who will join us for the first two weeks that Ali’s back, he speaks more sense than the both of us…”

Ali said her secret to returning to work is a healthy balance and having a great support base.

“My family is amazing. Everyone has their roles to play in making the house run smoothly, be it nappy changes, vacuuming or making dinners; which gives me more time to focus on Seth and has allowed me to return to work.”

Ali has encouraged other mums looking to return to work after pregnancy to take their time with the transition.

“Babies grow up far too quickly and it is so nice to be able to spend those first precious months at home (if you can). I am extremely lucky that my workplace is so supportive and they let me bring Seth in with me. Plus it’s also nice to share him with all of our listeners.”

Catch Gunners and Ali weekdays for breakfast from 6am – 10am on 97.3 Coast FM. 

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